Project CR: A Micro Tech Niche Site [Beginning]

So this is the beginning of Project CR.

I can’t publish the site’s name, so I’m calling it CR as the first sentence of this site is with C and the second one is R, equal to CR, haha.

So, I brought this domain on 25 May from GoDaddy. It is a new domain, not any expired or aged, as I plan to build it from scratch.

One more thing before buying this domain, I brought another domain.

I started this site, but then I realized I was making the area very narrow, so that’s why after two months, I brought CR and imported all the contents and redirected to CR from the old site.

So here is what I did:

Before buying the CR:

So two months ago, I brought a domain and published 15 posts within two months, but then I thought there was not much content I could publish on that domain.

So I brought CR and imported everything, and redirected the previous domain. And then start adding other categories.

The first domain was targeted to only one specific category of that particular micro-niche. Hahaha, so you can think how narrow it was.

Total costs: for 2 domains $38 Contents $150

Beginning of the Main Case Study of CR:

So after buying this domain, I started focusing a bit on that site. But before that, I haven’t concentrated on that site.

I imported all the contents and redirected the previous domain. So at that time, the site had 15 contents (imported from the last domain).

I’m counting this as the first month of this Project.

Why I started this blog?

  1. It is a specific Tech niche, so few people are writing about these, so it is low competitive.
  2. The average price product is really low. It is 25$, so the conversation will be high.
  3. There is a good link opportunity as there is hardly good data about this niche.
  4. As it is a product-based niche, the ads EPMV will also be high.

Resources I’m Using:

• Theme – Astra Pro
• Plugins – Rank Math SEO, Site Kit by Google, Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks, Table of Contents Plus. [As the site is new I’m not using any speed optimizing plugin]
• Hosting –
• Logo – My own, haha.

(I have to add the Amazon AAWP plugin for affiliate, but I don’t have to use it as I’m only adding informational posts and don’t have traffic).

Why These Plugins?

Pinterest iconFacebook icon

*Rank Math: So, I usually don’t use Rank Math, but here I’m using to redirect many things and also to cut the category word from the URL, and it will also help me by its SEO indications.

* Site Kit By Google: I like this one to connect all the google properties like, Search Console, Analytics and others.

*Stackable – Gunterberg Block: I don’t have much use of this, but making some beautiful blocks, helps a lot.

I think I don’t have to type some extra words to tell you about the Table Of Contents plugin, hahaha.

Other Parts

I have also claimed all the social profiles: FB, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. (I like YT when a site starts getting a good amount of traffic, and YT adds more value to it.

Now I have 15 posts on this blog. For now, I’m leaving this blog, and I’ll look back after some time.

So this is the end of this beginning story, but you should stay connected with us for coming updates.

Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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